Michael S Lopez is the Founder and President of Lohart Holdings LLC and the creator of the  ESTAMADE® estimating software packages.  Michael has been an active commercial/light industrial/institutional construction estimator since the early 1970’s.  His career in construction began in 1972 when, while still in high school, he worked summers, weekends and during school breaks for a local masonry contractor. Initially his role was as a field laborer but within two years his role expanded into an assistant superintendent where he learned layout, planning, reading blue prints and sequencing. He began working as a professional construction estimator full time in 1977 when he was hired as a “Take-Off” man generating concrete and masonry quantities for a General Contractor who self-performed those tasks.  With the solid skillset he had acquired while working in the field he was rapidly promoted from simply providing quantities to generating estimates for concrete and masonry installations. In 1983 Michael was promoted to Cheif Estimator for a GC with annual gross sales of $100 million.

In the last 15 years as the digital age started to transform the construction industry Michael noticed that all the various estimating software programs were written by programmers who were dictating to the construction industry how to prepare estimates.  With that simply not being an acceptable solution in 1999 he began compiling data, writing formulas and planning the development of an “Estimators” software package.  In 2001 ESTAMADE® Concrete V 1.0 was introduced locally in NC to a select beta test group and in 2009 ESTAMADE® Concrete V 3.0 was ready for market.